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Why does the company need to put in place a local SEO strategy? And how can this strategy be successful ?

November 30, 2022

Why does the company need to put in place a local SEO strategy? And how can this strategy be successful ?

What is a local SEO ?

Local SEO, also known as local SEO, is defined as a set of criteria that improve a website’s visibility in Google’s proximity search results. Therefore, the goal of a good local SEO strategy is to finish in the first Google search results for key local queries, as "Toulouse florist" or "Montreal hair salon". 

The importance of local referencing:

Improving local referencing aims to improve the company’s position in geo-localized results: your company gains visibility in its catchment area, attracting a group of customers with greater local potential.

Illustration: When you want to have coffee or dinner with your friends in a restaurant near you, the first thing you do is a Google search and you check the pages that appear in the first positions of the search results. Statistics show that: 76% of Internet users go to the trade after consulting its Google My Business page!

How to succeed your local SEO strategy?

To do a local listing it is important to create your Google My Business form. It is necessary to optimize its record through the information of maximum general and practical information, the addition of professional photos that represent the company as well as its products, and the obtaining of the opinions of the customers that the company must respond to them to be always close to its customers, to strengthen its reputation and to become more credible in the eyes of customers, the company’s responses must include keywords that will help the company to reference itself. The company can also share on its profile events and offers that can make a difference in a search for proximity.

In addition to this essential step, companies can increase the impact of local references by relying on a website that it must optimize by meeting the criteria of stability and performance by a fast loading of the website, criterion of structure of the website, the originality of the content and formatting.

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