Lead generation

Have you invested part of your budget in advertising campaigns, in your website, etc.? but without any lead generation? Don't worry, we're here to help !

Our team helps you use your site effectively to attract more visitors and generate more leads.

Today we are aware that companies that focus more on their lead generation strategy grow much faster than those that do not take this strategy into consideration.

It is in this context where the Pexicom team offers several lead generation strategies: conversion campaigns, increased traffic, or the scheduling of exclusive qualified appointments by our telemarketing experts !

Develop your business and generate more leads with Pexicom through conversion campaigns :
By attracting new visitors:

You cannot successfully generate leads without generating qualified traffic! The role of our team is to help you choose and analyze your target and therefore create the content that will be likely to attract this target.

By enhancing your offer:

By visiting your page, the prospect expresses an interest in the offer you offer on your page, so you must present the advantages and value of this offer in order to reinforce their interest. Don't worry, Pexicom is there to take care of the creation of content for you as well as the writing of hooks and summary paragraphs that will arouse the lead's interest and need.

By guiding the visitor to the landing page:

After having attracted the visitor, aroused his interest through an attractive offer, he is now ready to carry out his transaction in the landing page that we are going to optimize.

And finally, you would have managed to generate leads through conversion campaigns, and all thanks to Pexicom !

Increase more traffic with Pexicom !
SEO Traffic

Imagine that your site is ranked in the first three positions on Google, so more than 60% people will surely visit your website! This very important number you will reach it thanks to Pexicom which will ensure that you are naturally referenced in the first positions!

SEA traffic

Pexicom will take care of referencing your company's site through advertising in search engines, which will allow you to generate more traffic quickly.

By combining these two tools, you will be able to increase your traffic in the short term as well as preserve your fingerprint in the long term.

Booking of exclusive qualified appointments :

Increase your sales thanks to the Pexicom team which is responsible for prospecting new customers by calling them, explaining your product or service and then setting up an appointment for them to meet you or call you to complete the sale.

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Complete creation
of acquisition systems for landing pages, videos, visuals, banners, etc.

Generation and Activation
of the most relevant levers.

of your leads with teleconsultants.

Permanent optimization
of your campaigns to improve your return on investment.

Why Pexicom ?

Why choose Pexicom for your digital marketing project ?

Our expertise

We offer informed advice on the best strategies for several key areas.

Our creativity

Digital marketer passionate about innovation and creativity - Stand out from your competitors.

Our collaboration

Work in close collaboration to understand your needs and propose a tailor-made strategy.

Our results

Achieve your visibility and growth objectives on the web - Expertise and know-how for optimal results.

Let’s create an exceptional project together !

We offer web design and digital marketing services with over 8 years of experience helping businesses. We are ready to support you in designing your posters, posters, invoices, logos and many other supports with impeccable professionalism and creativity. !

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